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Rehabilitation Centre
NIWARA has another wing since last 18 odd years, known as Rehabilitation Centre. This is another endeavour to be of help to the Society. Many a times, you have an elder in the family, stricken by paralysis or some other impairments, and is bed-ridden. There is hardly anyone at home who can do nursing of these invalids. NIWARA admits such patients in the premises and provider nursing services of every description to them. The idea is that the family get at least some relief. The patients are cleansed, bathed or sponged; cloths are periodically changed; wounds are nursed; medicines are administered; food, snacks, tea, coffee, milk are served regularly. All this for 24 hours a day. NIWARA tries to nurse these patients and also “nourishes” them on the road to recovery. This facility is overwhelmingly patronized by the society, so much so that many times admissions to Rehabilitation Centre have had to be refused.
Old men need physiotherapeutic attention one day or the other and patients admitted in our rehabilitation centre need such services on priority. That was how the idea of having a well-equipped centre of our own was mooted. With this necessity in view, the physiotherapy centre has been launched, in revered memory of late Dr. Abasaheb Natu who held Secretaryship for almost half a century. From diathermy to wax bath.equipment of every type has been installed here. The facility is thrown open to the public as an out-patient-department.

There is a homeopathic clinic for the inmates of NIWARA. This is also available to other people at large, at a very nominal fee.

NIWARA can boast of having a GYM well equipped with modern gadgets for fitness & scientific exercising. Members above 50 years of age enjoy special concessions in fees, whereas inmates can take advantage of the GYM at will, and at no cost. Like Homeopathy clinic, and Physiotherapy Centre this GYM is open for public also. Response to this activity is every-increasing.
Spastic Polio Physiotherapy

'Niwara' Has started a new center from April 2007 form Pediatric Spastic Polio Physio Therapy. The hall for treatment is on ground floor which is very convenient for patients and there relatives. It is attanded by well experianced phyiothrepy experts.

Meeting Hall & Extension Thereof  
Of late, NIWARA Meeting Hall has been acclaimed as a good place for holding brief meetings, seminars, activities, even marriage bureau here. Many an organizations, NGOs hold their gatherings in the spacious twin NIWARA meeting hall, capable of accommodating upto 400 visitors. This facility earns decent income for the institution.
Auto Rikshaw

To carry out day to day activities of Niwasi's, the managment of Niara bought private autoriksha to travel between hospitals and back to Niwara.