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‘Niwara’ – David Sasoon Infirm Asylum – is one of the prominent landmark among social service institutions in the country dedicated in serving the elderly infirm and providing them the loving place of supporting in the silver years.
All this has been possible only with the support and the financial donations from the society and efforts of dedicated devoted social workers associated with ‘Niwara’ family.

On 9th of August 1863, visionaries and eminent citizens of Pune Including Sardar Raste, Mr. Kibe, Mr. Natu, Mr. Gokhale founded this institution, more than 140 years ago, way ahead of time with the cause to take care of the destitute elderly.
Inspired by their efforts, noted philanthrophist late Sir David Sasoon gave large donation of Rs. 25,000. The generous citizen fraternity from all across Pune city spontaneously contributed collective donation of rs. 75,000. for the noble cause, followed by an additional contribution of Rs. 25,000, again from Sri. David Sasoon. All this initial support helped lay a sound foundation to the Aslyum.
Acknowledging the noble humane gesture of support, the Aslyum was unanimously and aptly named after Sir David Sasoon.
Davi Sasoon Infirm Asylum had a chequered journey over the years until it has emerged in its present pleasant appearance. For many years it was used as a begger’s home by authorities. But thanks to the incessant efforts of Dr. Moreshwar narayan Natu (Abasaheb) and his associates for the forby odd years that the transformation has taken place.
‘Niwara’ – David Sasoon Anath Pangu Gruha is a Charitable Trust devoted wholly and entirely to the welfare of old men and women, who donot have near relatives like spouse, son/daughter, have no home to live in and no source of livelihood. In other words, Niwara ( which means ‘loving home’) offers home to the real destitutes in the society and once they are admitted as inmates the Trust take care of these elder till the end of journey; the vaikuntha crematorium ironically enough, just beyond the boundary walls! But then inside it is a different panorama altogether.